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Is someone  you know affected by vision loss???

Are you a person who is losing your vision?

Do you have a friend who is losing their vision due to macular degeneration or diabetes?

Do you know a family who has a visually impaired or blind child?

If your answer to any one of these questions is yes then Dealing With Vision Loss is for you or the folks you know who are directly affected by vision loss.

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About the Book
"For individuals who are losing their vision, those who have lived in darkness all of their lives and parents coping with a blind child, "Dealing with Vision Loss," by Fred Olver can only help them have a better way of life!" It is highly informative and loaded with information on coping with daily routines.It has an excellent listing of contacts that can help with this handicap. Who best to help others but one who lives and copes with blindness! His thoughts and views will be a tremendous help to anyone learning to live in the world of darkness!"


Announcing Dealing With Vision Loss by Fred Olver

Dealing With Vision Loss is the first book of its kind, in that it offers information all in one place

  • For people who are experiencing vision loss
  • For family members whose parent, friend or sibling is experiencing vision loss
  • For parents of children who were born with a significant vision loss
"I did read and enjoy. The book is awesome!!!! Really cool!!!! An e-mail can't convey the pride and excitement about it that my voice would have. Fantastic job!!! I predict that the book will be a huge success. I think you covered all the bases related to vision loss. The book is written in a comfortable, confident, relaxed laid back down to earth, easy to read style. The examples from your personal life add a special touch…. The resource list is superb and comprehensive. Most important of all, the majority of readers should come away feeling encouraged, positive and hopeful. Those that don't, probably need to work on accepting their vision loss first."


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"As a "sighted" person, I found it enlightening and informative. In this politically correct environment we live in I am glad to hear I can still refer to someone who is blind as being blind, instead of visually challenged. Anyone who reads the book will come away with that same new perspective."


Dealing With Vision Loss offers not only the hope, but the answers and resources needed to meet the challenge of vision loss.

Click here or on the cover to read more information about the author and brief excerpts.

About the author

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"I will tell you that I learned a fair amount reading your book, including that I need to do things a bit differently with regard to my wife, as she is experiencing some vision loss.  Your book helped put many things into perspective, so thanks for that! Although I obviously haven't read extensively on this subject, I think your book will be very helpful to those with a need to understand the issues to be faced when losing some or all of their own site, or when trying to help those who are going through this ordeal. You are an upbeat guy, and that comes through in this book, which is great!  I also like that you aren't afraid to mention the dark thoughts people will experience when going through the loss of sight."


In this book you will find the answers to:

  • How does one get around? Pay bills? Read the paper? Watch TV?
  • What options are available to offer support and strength to individuals who are experiencing vision loss and their families?
  • Where can I find Braille greeting cards? Large print playing cards? Talking software? Summer camps for my child?

Press Release

Dealing With Vision Loss will explain to parents:

What are the most important skills for their children who are blind to acquire and what skills are needed before attending school?


Thanks for reading and I hope you will take a look at some of the excerpts of the book while you are here.

Book Excerpts

Fred Olver has a B.S. in Communication Arts and Secondary Education and a M.A. in Blind Rehabilitation Teaching from Western Michigan University . His life experience as well as his work as a Rehabilitation Teacher and developing technology and training for individuals in the use of talking computers and software, uniquely qualifies him to speak to the many questions about vision loss.

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Learn more about About the author

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to Contact the author:

Fred Olver, Published Author.

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P.S.,Please feel free to share the information on this website with anyone you think would benefit from it.

"Your experience and expertise has been well articulated, and undoubtedly is a source of comfort and insight to others as they begin to cope with loss of sight. The resource section is especially valuable to me as a clinician. Again, thank you for investing the time and energy to put your thoughts into written word."


P.P.S. Remember you can also view or listen to excerpts of the book or purchase the Resource List included in the book separately

P.P.P.S. Maybe you can't make use of this information, but maybe, just maybe you know someone who can. so why not send them the link or even this page? Or just recommend it to a friend or acquaintance the next time you see them just tell them to go to:

Thanks and have a great day.

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