Dealing With Vision Loss

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Lions club members, volunteers, ophthalmologists, social workers, nurses even your neighbor could benefit from reading this book.

Dealing With Vision Loss has an article, "Meeting a Blind Person for the First Time ," which will be immensely useful for individuals or volunteers working with people who are blind business people who may, incidentally, come in contact with people who are blind and School children who may never have met someone who is blind.

Meeting a Blind Person for the First Time


"I found it interesting and useful. Wow! Just so you know I do forget how much effort and intention it takes to do what you do…. Because you just make it look so darned easy. AND every time I talk to you I feel like I’m stretching just to keep up. And always have. So! I’m glad I’m having a chance to work on this book with you. It really has been a terrific growth experience for me in many respects.
I remember the first time we went to the movies – I realized pretty quickly that you liked the whole movie experience and didn’t need me to narrate it. You were, to me a guy who happened to be blind, not a blind guy. Wow! I was really lucky to meet you when I did, for so many reasons, but if I needed an ambassador then I’m glad it was you and that it changed the way I looked at blindness and blind people sooner rather than later.
So – this will help immediately because like I said I have this friend who, is losing much of his vision and is pretty scared."


Dealing With Vision Loss offers a short course on being a guide for a blind person; and is an excellent resource for human service, health care, academic and other professionals who come in contact with those of us who are blind from time to time.

Guiding and Being Guided

Dealing With Vision Loss can also serve as a training tool for volunteers and other individuals who find themselves working with blind people as a guide or just assisting an individual with reading, shopping or signing papers.

Dealing With Vision Loss is a resource for eye care specialists to give to their patients facing the possibility of blindness or extreme visual impairment with many questions and obstacles to overcome.

"I'm really enjoying the read and will recommend it to the docs I know who treat diabetes." Dealing with Vision Loss" is a very readable, no-nonsense discussion on how to adapt to blindness. A good portion of the book consists of organizations, agencies, websites, texts and other resources to help the person losing vision get through the initial fear and sense of loss to the process of remapping their life activities from visually-oriented to tactile and audible strategies.   Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be in the situation of helping a family member or friend cope with declining sight.  I wish I'd had this book 13 years ago!"


Computers And You

Radio Interview

We deserve respect, but sometimes we have to show people how to respect us.

"Great work, and an honest approach to the subject matter. I think you may have a hit."


Sections in the book are for three groups: parents of children born with a significant vision loss individuals experiencing a significant loss of vision and family members of people who are losing their vision.

Purchase Various Formats of Dealing With Vision Loss

Articles within these sections include information on

Using a cane or dog guide Guiding and Being Guided and a particularly interesting section:

Meeting a Person who is blind for the first time.

Others include information on

Computers And You

Environmental Modification and summer camps for your children and that's only the beginning.

Each article offers information which is insightful, informative and thought-provoking.

"I especially liked your pragmatic approach to problem-solving and sharing possible solutions.I also liked the way you blended your personal life experience of vision loss with your commitment to educate the public.It's so evident you are a teacher."

A Y-

Dealing With Vision Loss may or may not be coffee-table material, but it is packed with information which will empower the individual losing their vision and provide insight for the family member who's mom or sister is experiencing vision loss. The section for parents of blind children offers an article on concept development which absolutely must occur before Orientation and Mobility skills training can take place.

Okay, so you've been blind for a long time, and none of this information interests you, so wouldn't it be nice to have a Resource List  at your finger-tips? 

Dealing With Vision Loss also includes a very extensive Resource List  which can be purchased separately from the book for only $9.95.

"Great job Fred, I hope you don't mind me sharing your message with friends who also might be interested in your book.  This is really excellent.  I plan to buy a "Large Print Edition  copy to use with our local support chapter. Thanks again for sharing this, and passing along such insightful observations and advice.  Couldn't have said it better myself. Congratulations.


One of the most interesting points about the resource list is that most, if not all of the resources includes it’s web address for easy access, snail mail address, phone and fax numbers are also included and an in depth description of the services or items offered.  

The file will come to you as a PDF which you can either convert in to your favorite word processor file or translate in to Grade 2 Braille and printed out in less than an hour using your favorite Braille translator.

And remember, if you purchase the e-version of the book you can do exactly the same thing, translate the entire book in less than hour.

You will need a PDF reader to use the eBook items: Click here to download Adobe Reader

Dealing With Vision Loss is a book, but it is so much more. It is for anyone affected by vision loss, it can be used in the classroom as a teaching tool and it is  the one place where anyone can go to find the answers to the many questions which can come up for individuals and family members experiencing this crisis in their lives.

Whether you are the family member of someone who is experiencing a significant loss of vision, or the person going through it, Dealing With Vision Loss is for you.

"When I read the Cedar Point article in 2005, I knew there could be an author in the making. Your writing the book is definitely an awesome accomplishment to be proud of and I marvel at your ability to have completed the first draft  in 23 days."



Below are links to additional excerpts from the book:

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Guiding and Being Guided
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Computers And You
Meeting A Blind Person For The First Time
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